Every time I update my website I question why I put a blog as the front page. This may not have been one of my wiser decisions...

Happy Wednesday

Who has two thumbs and will be able to announce something cool in a month or so? THIS GAL!
(In the mean time, the illustration section has been updated.)

Stay tuned!

Well hello there stranger!

I'm currently debating whether or not having a blog as my front page is actually a good idea. As you can tell I'm fantastic at updating it regularly. On that note, there are project pages to update, two lovely books that came back from the printers and are available for purchase, and some fun news on the horizon!

Humor me while I figure this out. ;)


and a website was born

Time to jump right into news!

The digital copy of Slip has been completed and uploaded for all backers of the kickstarter! Next it's off to the printer and then into your hands!!! Thank you to all our backers for the overwhelming amount of support.

For those of you unfamiliar with this project, SLIP is a book of portraits by photographer Allan Amato, examining what it means to be naked as a profession, told in the words of the subjects themselves. It has been so wonderful doing the design for a book filled with such stunning photographs. 

Speaking of books, ARRANGEMENTS: Vol 3 (2007-2015) by Steve Diet Goedde will be here by the end of July. We got to take a look at an advanced copy and it's absolutely beautiful. I'm especially in love with how the Deluxe Bibliophile clamshell edition came out.